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Remote Evacuation & Deployment R. E. D. Wagon

7 ft. long, 3 ft. 6 inches high (w/o rollbar), aluminum body, 4 puncture resistant tires, suspension axles, electric brakes, fold-up hitch, shadow lighting

This unit is designed to be pulled behind an RTV. Transport 6 passengers or fold down the seats and use the on-board Stokes Baskets to transport patients.

Since we introduced this unit in 2010, the list of possible uses keeps growing. Besides on and off-road applications we have entertained inside uses. Initial curiosity over this unique unit is giving way to “we really could have used one of these … can you add …? Yes, we can make it fit your needs.

We have added safety features, including roll-type bars and now offer several budget-friendly options. We have received good reviews on the performance of our RED Wagon.