Refurbished Side-Mount Pumper (Bellevue-Dayton Fire Department)

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Refurbished Side-Mount Pumper (Bellevue-Dayton Fire Department)

There are times when a fire department’s needs change or upgrades are needed before vehicle use projections come to fruition, no matter how carefully the specifications are written.

When that happens, funding and vehicle replacement schedules don’t have to hinder the service provided to citizens.

By adding a larger aluminum body, 6 side rescue-style
compartments plus 1 compartment in the rear, front
bumper extension with hose storage and 1.5″ discharge
outlet, a 9,000lb Ramsey Quick mount winch, front and rear receiver winches, a 750 gallon fiberglass tank, Harrison 8KW generator, and new lighting including 2 Extend-A-Lite telescoping flood lights to their existing chassis, Bellevue-Dayton upgraded to a unit that better services the needs of their community.